Day In The Life Of A Plumber

On this blog, we will be covering an average day in the life of a working plumbing contractor. We chose this article to inspire and inform the public about what the career entails and what is expected on a day-to-day basis. Please read on!

pic of a copper fitting

Early Riser

If you prefer working first shift, plumbing is a position to consider. Usually contractors will find themselves starting the day as early as 4 or 5 AM. This is because commercial and industrial businesses and facilities often get handymen to complete their work bright soon before workers arrive. Doing this makes everything run much smoother in there schedule.

When first venturing on your path, it is not uncommon for hours to be scattered at different parts of the day. Popular companies offer a 24/7 plumbing service.

Working Alone

A majority of plumber milwaukee perform a bulk of their work by themselves. Contractors will visit customer homes on a daily basis to inspect problems and work to find solutions.  It is more likely this scenario then in teams, unless you are training as an apprentice.

Apprenticeship programs are incredible ways to begin your journey. These are structured courses which gives those a chance to work towards a qualification. It combines on the job training with classroom work to provide students with a wide array of knowledge and real life experience.

Becoming A Master

To become fully certified in being a master plumber, you will first need to get your journeyman’s license and practice for a few years in the trade. The minimum requirement is at least six years before one can apply for becoming a national plumbers.

org of master plumber


What To Expect

A day can vary quite tremendously depending upon the company you work for and what area you are located in. When first getting to the job site, layout work begins. Once a plan is formulated, the the contractor will begin deciding on the necessary tools needed to complete the project. After fully stocked the task begins. One moment the pro could be sweating joints on pipes and the next minute fitting together a PVC joint or air testing a water pipe for leak detection. Lastly, right when a task is completed, a skilled tradesmen will test the fitting to ensure durability and sustainability.

Each day will bring a whole list of new challenges and opportunities. Those who are successful share some similar traits: self-motivated, hard-working, and determined to achieving a state of excellence.